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The mastic rubber like sealant between your pool decking and pool coping is usually referred to as Deck-o-seal. Replacing the broken and cracked deck o seal mastic around your pool and spa decking as soon as possible is the best investment you can and should make right away. When the deck o seal mastic is cracked or missing rain water and runoff water from splashing has no place to go. There are no drains underneath your pool. The water seeps beneath the coping and pool decking. Over time, this will cause your deck to raise or lower and crack. It also causes the coping to breakdown its bond with the pool shell which can cause the coping to become loose and will crack pool tiles along with causing them to fall off. This can cost thousands and thousands verses four to six hundred dollars to replace the deck o seal. Give us a call today to discuss your deck o seal needs.  

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